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My two kids and I just had the opportunity to visit my older sister and her family in Mexico City for two weeks! We had so many fun adventures, a couple of which I’ve already included on my blog, and a few more I hope to share before too long.  Leah and Kevin serve as missionaries in Mexico City, and before visiting them, I had only a small grasp of the depth of their work there.  I really enjoyed finding out in more detail all that goes on in their day to day life and ministry and I was blown away by all they do. I hope someday soon to share more of their story with you.  For now, I wanted to share some of my favorites from my photo session with them.

One of my very favorite things about Mexico City is how colorful all the buildings are.  I couldn’t get over how much color was everywhere, and Leah and Kevin’s neighborhood is no exception.  We literally just walked around their block and stopped every few houses to take pictures. Every house offered a brand new backdrop of color and tecture.  Needless to say I was in heaven! I love how much of Owen and Eliana’s personality came through in the photos.  For being 3 and almost 1, they sure were great sports about getting their pictures taken.  We had a great time and sufferred zero meltdowns (which is astonishingly good in my opinion!).  Thank you Kevin and Leah for inviting us to visit and helping make it possible for me and the kids to come see your lives in Mexico.  You were such incredibly gracious hosts and we can’t wait to come visit you again!

This beautiful wall of murals was right around the corner from their house. Isn’t it cool?!


As you can see, this family has a hard time taking a bad picture.  I was hard pressed to narrow down my favorites, thus why I have included slightly more than a “few”! ha

I had the priviledge of photographing four other families during our visit, so be sure to check back soon to see more photos from Mexico City! ~Katie







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