Ready for the Ride

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Ready for the Ride

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Ready For the Ride

Love is always a gamble
Love comes with no guarantee
Once your heart has made your mind up
Hope is all you see

I’m not one to hold back
I’m not one to shy away
I’m the type who’ll blindly follow
All love has to say

So let’s get this rolling
I’m ready for the ride
Focus on the future
And let love be our guide
Once you’re there, it makes no sense to hide
I’m ready for the ride

I don’t need any warnings
I know what it’s all about
You go in with a flame of passion
And hope you don’t burn out

I’m a hopeful romantic
No broken heart holds me back
Everyday’s the start of a new day
To get back on the track


I always go in hoping this time there’ll be no end
I like to think of forever as just around the bend