Ready For a Change

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Ready For a Change

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Ready For a Change

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done
You’ll keep on getting what you’ve always gotten
The winds of change are runnin’ through my veins
But this voice inside me keeps on talkin’

I want to take this step
No better time than now
Here I go I’m jumpin’ in
My feet off the ground

I’m ready for a change
A new horizon
A chance I have to take
The sun is shining
On me, on you, dreams can come true
Gotta break away
I’m ready for a change

I’ve been walkin’ but I wanna fly
I’ve been the same for such a long time
This mountain top seems so far away
But just one step and I’ll start the climb

Don’t wanna stand behind
This wall of fear and hide
I can’t quite shake this feeling
I wanna take this ride


My dreams keep on waiting for the day when I’ll finally see
Nothing’s standing in my way
To who it is I wanna be